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Case Converter Guide

Sentence Case

- Capitalize first letter in a heading/sentence.


- All uppercase characters. Also knows as caps and capital, uppercase.

lower case

- All lowercase/small characters. For example c, a, s, e are lowercase characters and C, A, S, E are uppercase characters.

Capitalize Case

- Capitalize each word in the sentence. For example: Case Converter - Free Case Converter Tool.

Title Case

- Use only captal letters in a title, apart from articles(a, an, the), conjunctions(e.g., and, or), prepositions(e.g., with, in)

InVeRsE CaSe

- Inverse, change the letter in the sentece,word from lower to upper and or from upper to lower cases. For example: CoNvErT CaSe changes for cOnVeRt cAsE.

AlTeRnAtE & aLtErNaTe

- Is a combination of alternate letters - capital and lower cases like: CoNvErT CaSe, cOnVeRt cAsE.