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Static CV for IT Graduate built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap

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Sooner or Later each IT graduate will be looking for a IT related job… At least most of them.


Live Demo


As a Computer Science graduate I think that each person applying for IT related job should have an online CV up and ready so when applying for an actual job, a prospective/future employers could view your resume on desktop, laptop, mobile etc.

That’s  why I’ve decided to create an example of online resume that you could use as your own, adjust  content or change styling and functionality if you wish.

Below CV is a static webpage built with HTMl, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and Bootstrap.

CV Consist of 4 main sections : About, Website, Experience and Contact.
If you wish you can add additional question or remove it. I have applied number of comments within files so you will have no difficulties when applying changes.




Live Demo


Resume consists of 3 files:






  • Each time you click on navigation pane item, the color will change, indicating that you’re displaying this actual section.
  • In ‘about’ section next to a job title, you’ll notice certain technologies scrolling down. It’s a nice feature that will give an idea of technologies you’re using to the people viewing your resume.


I won’t discuss all functionalities within this section, I will let you to download and check the resume yourself 😉




That’s all for this post. I hope You’ve enjoyed it.
If you have any questions, ideas or improvement suggestions, don’t hesitate and let me know 😉


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